Feature-rich video & telephony consultations enabling clinicians to engage safely & more productively with their patients.

Safer patient care

Remove the need for vulnerable patients to attend clinics in person, through use of video consultations.

More efficient patient care

Increase productivity processing of patient consultation by more than 30%.

Remove consultation backlogs

One way triage video consultations enable mass consultation to occur at the same time assessed later.

  • One way triage video consultations - enabling clinicians to prioritise care.
  • Virtual waiting rooms for both patients and clinicians.
  • Upload documents and medical images and reference them during and after consultations in High Definition.
  • Built-in marketing videos to invite patients to your clinics and for a really engaging experience.
Telemerge Health Conferencing
Compliance and security Canadian Based. End to End 256-bit encryption. ISO27001 Certified and HIPAA Compliant.
Patient waiting room Clinicians can view all of their upcoming consultations and easily prioritise those that are waiting.
Automated workflows and built-in messaging Help manage the process and send out reminders at key stages of process.
Securely collaborate with clinical colleagues Consultations, both live and triage can be recorded and securely shared with colleagues for collaboration and more effective care.
Securely collaborate with clinical colleagues

You can configure what is recorded from the platform and securely share those recordings for, triage or opinions. No need to email, stream or download.

Enhanced document management features

Documents, including clinical images, can be uploaded directly to the platform and securely viewed both during and after consultations. No screen share needed. You will be viewing the documents on your own device, securely and at a much better resolution that with standard VC tooling.


There are a huge set of integrated reports that users can configure; Consultation Reports, Activity Reports & Management Reports, all of which can be downloaded.

What does video-enabled patient care look like? Let’s take a look!

Triage one way consultations ensures Clinicians are not spending wasted hours attending to people who do not need attending to.

Protect the vulnerable from unnecessary visits to clinics.

Ensure your healthcare providers are more productive and engaged with their patients.

Easy to use booking and scheduling feature with builtin workflows and messaging take the stress and time out of arranging consultations.

Reduce unnecessary consultations. According to NHS, between 15-20% of GP visits were deemed unnecessary in 2018.

Become a convenient, thorough, efficient and contemporary Healthcare provider.

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