Video CollaborationSuccess Stories


A Great Video Experience Starts with Great Customer Support

Commissionaires is Canada’s premier security company, offering a unique combination of integrity, experience and innovation. For more than 90 years, Commissionaires has protected people and property across Canada in the private and public sectors. In Eastern Canada, Commissionaires operates from five branch offices belonging to the New Brunswick & PEI Division. Keeping these offices connected had historically been a challenge despite implementing a web conferencing solution and video conferencing equipment.

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video collaboration for healthcare

Industry Spotlight on Healthcare

Technology offers new opportunities for a healthcare sector that is challenged all at once by growing and aging populations and shrinking budgets. Telehealth and telemedicine programs incorporating innovative video conferencing solutions are helping healthcare agencies around the world reach more people with a wider range of options for monitoring and care.

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video collaboration for energy and natural resources

Industry Spotlight on Energy and Natural Resources

Natural resources and energy producers are challenged in many ways simply by the nature of the industry; rapid economic changes that change fiscal outlooks in an instant, distribution of people and operations over vast areas, and the potential for environmental impact. Video collaboration offers a means to mitigate these challenges, adding value and protecting profitability in the short and long-term.

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Industry Spotlight on Financial Services

Financial Service organizations are constantly challenged with the need to react quickly to changes in markets and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations while always improving upon service and the customer experience.  In the increasingly digital world, Financial Service companies must remain relevant as they work towards building trusting and loyal relationships with their clients.

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Industry Spotlight on Legal Services

In the legal world, efficient information gathering and knowledge sharing are key to success.From communicating with colleagues and experts, interviewing and preparing clients and witnesses, high quality video conferencing solutions can help facilitate seamless communication. Video reduces the need to travel, reducing disruption and increasing productivity.

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Industry Spotlight on Education Services

The goal of education is to create the best opportunities for learning for as many people as possible. Not all educational institutions or students, however, are set up to experience all the world has to teach them. With today’s video conferencing solutions for education, can bring the world to your classroom more simply and cost-effectively than ever.

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