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telemerge the experience team

The Telemerge Experience Team has a Mandate

It’s to ensure that all of your video collaboration experiences are great. When the experience is great, you get the full benefit of video and all that it enables. The Experience Team makes it happen by offering expert advice, technical support and training any time you need it. They’ll even remotely dial and manage important calls if you ask them to!


Telemerge the experience team is stacked with experts

We’ve Stacked the Team

They are professional and experienced people who have been around video collaboration and customer service for a very long time. This dedicated bunch believe in the power of better communication via video and are passionate about helping our clients become believers too.


Telemerge the experience team is always available

Always Available

Contact the Experience Team for technical support via web form, email or phone.
1(866) 725-7581 Toll Free (North America)
1(416) 987-4156  Outside North America

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