Video collaboration is better in the cloud.Here’s what you get with Telemerge:

The truth about video

It's no secret that video collaboration has a reputation for being...a little difficult.
The truth about video collaboration is that it's simple as ever.  All-in-one cloud video collaboration solutions that are flexible, scalable, portable and adaptable means that video is finally accessible to every organization. Today's cloud video collaboration solutions are easy to buy, easy to implement, and most of all—easy to use.

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Connect with anyone, anywhere, any time with Telemerge TPaaS

TPaaS (Telepresence-as-a-Service) is cloud-based video collaboration that takes the complexity out of video conferencing and telepresence. With TPaaS you can connect with anyone, anywhere with exceptional reach, consistent quality and no worries about firewalls, networks or interoperability.  Call inside and outside your network, to virtually any video endpoint with TPaaS. 

Cloud video collaboration call anyone anywhere anytime

Connect everyone in HD point-to-point and multipoint calling

Connect with everyone who matters, and still have room at the table. They'll all look great in high-definition video. With TPaaS multipoint calls are simple and worry free. Conduct conferences in a Virtual Meeting Room—a neutral space that is easy for everyone to access. Need to connect more sites?  You can do that too. 

cloud video collaboration multipoint calling

Make meetings more productive when you share content

The power of video collaboration is in the ability to preserve the visual cues that are so important to our understanding and communication. With TPaaS you can give a presentation, share your screen, navigate websites or display documents without losing site of conference participants— and their reactions.  

cloud video collaboration share content

Virtual meeting rooms allow you to connect securely

TPaaS virtual meeting rooms are access code protected and safe from fraud. Everyone dials into a single, independent location so network vulnerability is not a concern. We monitor constantly for fraud and spam attacks so you don't have to.  Give access to your VMR to the people who need it an keep out the interlopers. Security—it's a nice feeling.

cloud video collaboration connect any device

From the boardroom to your tablet or smartphone - connect from any device

The way we work is changing and you don't always have access to a boardroom. Need video conferencing when you're not at the office? Browser-based soft clients let you take video wherever you need to go—to a customer's site, the airport or your home office. 

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