The Three KeysIt's what makes us different.

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Implementing a video collaboration solution is an important task, but we are here to help, and we want it to go smoothly for you and everyone who uses it. We are able to do this by working within a framework that we truly believe is the foundation to successful video collaboration, known as The Three Keys. The Three Keys are the groundwork on which a useful and productive video solution is built on and it is what makes Telemerge different from other solution providers.

video collaboration four pillars reach


The key to good communication is being able to call anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. Supported by multiple devices, our TPaaS solution enables that by eliminating the barriers that limit reach such as interoperability and the mobility of its users.

video collaboration four pillars support


Video collaboration has never been easier to use but once in a while, something goes wrong. When it does you need a resolution quickly, and that’s why we built the Telemerge Experience Team. Their mission is to make video collaboration a great experience for everyone, every time.

video collaboration four pillars end-user equipment


The more people who use video, the greater the value but it won’t happen on it’s own. We’ve got a plan to make it happen. Our Video Adoption Specialist will help provide you with the resources and strategies that best fit your organization to educate and promote video to all your users.

Keys to Success!

We give you all three keys to ensure that your video conferencing and collaboration solution will be a successful one. Beginning with full featured high-quality video, audio and web conferencing that knows no boundaries. Connect video systems, mobile devices, web users and audio participants together in the same call seamlessly. You can even integrate with Skype for Business to allow better quality video experiences without sacrificing the Skype for Business experience for desktop users.